We help multi-family facilities save energy and money.

Victory Energy Solution is a leader in the field of full service energy management. Our single family residential program has been recognized as one of the top programs in Connecticut. We take pride in the fact that our many customer testimonials reflect the care and dedication to energy conservation and education in every home we service. Our technicians are trained and certified in all the latest processes and procedures available in the energy conservation field.

Each individual Multi-Family project comes with unique situations and opportunities for energy savings. Our team at Victory will evaluate every area of the project to insure that all opportunities for savings have been considered.

The utilities in Connecticut offer many incentives for these types of projects and Victory Energy will work with you through this process.

Some projects are very straight forward and may only require weatherization, lighting and water conservation upgrades. If preliminary analysis shows a cost benefit, these types of energy saving measures may be available to the property owner.

More advanced energy savings measures will be considered on their individual merit for each project. These may include HVAC upgrades, hard wire lighting upgrades, insulation or many other energy savings measures as required. There may be incentives available from the utilities for these energy saving upgrades. As with all utility programs funding may not be available at a future date.

A unique service that is exclusive to Victory Energy Solutions is our WET Technologies Program. This provides Multi-Family properties that are experiencing high water consumption, with proven savings

Victory Energy would like to start working with you today on your project and take advantage of these programs. These energy saving programs will have immediate and far reaching benefits for you and your tenants.

Reach out to our project coordinator Bob Iskrzak today at (860)-712-6480 to set up an individual discussion about the potential improvements at your facility.