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Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Programs are funded by a charge on Customer energy bills. The Programs are designed to help customers manage their energy usage and cost.



Did You Know?

Victory Energy Solutions is an approved vendor for Home Energy Solutions– an in-home service providing professional energy assessments and weatherization improvements to help reduce energy use and cost. This program is supported by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and run by Eversource, United Illuminating, and the natural gas companies. For more information, please call toll free 800-311-7488.

Victory Energy Solutions can help lower your Energy Costs with Just One, In-Home Visit

  • Do you wonder how much energy you are wasting through leaky doors, windows, and ductwork?
  • Does your home have enough insulation?
  • Are your appliances old and inefficient?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could have Victory Energy Solutions give your home an energy check-up?

You can. With the Home Energy Solutions program, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort while reducing costs. Qualifying customers who heat with electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, kerosene or other heating sources may apply. A fee will be collected at the time of service. Please call toll free 800-311-7488 for details.
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Here’s how Victory Energy Solutions works for you

Energy Efficient Bulbs & More

 Our  Victory  Energy  Solutions experts will replace certain inefficient light bulbs in your home with energy-saving,  long-lasting  CFLs.  You  may  also receive energy-saving, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators to lower water usage and related heating costs.

Insulation Checkup

Does your attic and basement have the right insulation? Ourexpert has the answer. If your insulation needs to be upgraded, you may qualify for a rebate to help pay for some of the cost. The right insulation makes a big difference in how energy efficient your home is. We’ll help you make the right choice. The rebate will have all the information you need to know when contacting an insulation professional.

Draft Sealing

Our Victory Energy Solutions expert will inspect your home using the latest tools to pinpoint the most wasteful drafts and leaks in your home.  We will inspect your windows, doors, attic, exhausts, dryer vents,  recessed  lights,  crawlspaces  and ductwork. Our expert will find those leaks and seal them during the visit, making your home more energy efficient. Afterwards, we will test your home again and show you the difference.


Save on New ENERGY STAR® Appliances

Did you know that your refrigerator uses almost five times the electricity the average television uses? If yours is ten years or older, it could be 40 percent less efficient than new ENERGY STAR ® labeled units.  Our energy expert will evaluate your refrigerator,  along with other major appliances,  and you may receive valuable rebates toward the purchase of new  ENERGY  STAR® replacements. Ask a Victory Energy Solutions associate for more details.


Our expert will sit with you to review all the steps and actions taken to make your home more energy efficient. They will also talk to you about your home energy habits and make suggestions to help you lower your energy usage even more, making your home more comfortable and reducing your energy costs.


Examples of Home/Business Performance Upgrades:


                      A. Sealing air leaks and adding insulation
                      B. Improving Heating and Cooling Systems
                      C. Sealing Ductwork
                      D. Replacing Windows
                      E. Upgrade Lighting, Appliances, and Water  Heating Equipment
                      F. Installing Renewable Energy Systems